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Meet Our Team

About Us

Elektron Teknolojileri Anonim Şirketi (ETAŞ), has accumulated knowledge and experience from the academic world to serve our country's industry. ETAŞ aims to produce high-tech electron accelerators and implement their industrial applications.

Our vision

Designing and manufacturing devices that provide services such as electron beam welding, material improvement, and medical sterilization using electron beams, domestically instead of importing them from abroad, and offering them to our people. ETAŞ will be a company that develops these technologies, meets the country's needs, and introduces its manufactured devices to the global market.

Our Mission

Increasing the energy of electrons from kilovolts to megavolts, focusing them, and providing services to producers, industrialists, and society. In this process, designing all the necessary equipment ourselves and producing them using local resources. Training tomorrow's engineers and technicians as part of our work.

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