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"Electrons 'r us."

Electrons and Technology

Since the 19th century, electrons and electromagnetic waves have been serving humanity in various capacities, from lighting to powering car engines, from enabling telephone communication to capturing X-ray images.

However, the potential of electrons goes beyond these applications. Especially, the industrial utilization of high-speed electrons constitutes a global market with a value in the tens of billions of dollars.

Become an active participant in this thriving market.


Accelerator Solutions

RF Solutions

Vacuum Solutions

Electron Beam Applications

Electron Accelerator Technology

The process of extracting electrons from a surface and using them by imparting energy under high voltage is known as electron beam technology. With the assistance of magnets, an electron beam can be focused, deflected, bent, or used in a scanning manner.

keV- level

Applications of keV-level electron beams include melting, vaporization, material hardening, micro-drilling, welding, improving thin-film coatings, cross-linking in thin materials, ink enhancement, and enhancing the durability of rubber/plastic materials.

MeV- level 

MeV-level electron beams are used in food and medical sterilization, coloring precious stones, cross-linking in thick materials, wastewater treatment, X-ray generator construction, and more.


Why Us?



Innovation with generic technology.

100% Domestic

Design, produce, improve.


Customer, product oriented solutions.


Theoretical Experimental experience.

Who are we?

We specialize in particle detectors, accelerator physics, RF power, and data analysis with a team of four physicists.

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