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Accelerator Solutions

We can provide services for electron and proton accelerator sub-components ranging from keV to MeV levels. Please get in touch with us for our tailored solutions.


Electron Gun

At ETAŞ, we develop electron guns with different energies, specifications, and cathode types.

Beam Diagnostics Equipment

We have the capability to design and manufacture detectors required for electron and proton accelerators based on our academic research and experience.

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ETAŞ, we design and manufacture 4-pole, 2-pole, and solenoid electromagnets with varying magnetic field strengths for beam steering and focusing purposes in accelerators.

Radiation Shielding 

We perform the simulation, production, and installation of the required radiation shielding in environments involving electron and proton accelerator-generated radiation or X-rays.

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Ionization Chamber

ETAŞ designs and manufactures light or heavy ion chambers in various sizes and with different feeding methods.

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