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X-ray Applications

In many fields, from imaging to sterilization, X-rays are used. Co-60 is no longer preferred as the source of X-rays due to reasons such as its inability to be shut down, the need for nuclear power plants for production, and its potential hazards. Therefore, we are pioneering the use of X-rays generated from an electron beam.


X-ray Sterilization

X-rays can be used to sterilize medical products such as blood tubes and syringes, making them reusable. High-energy X-rays generated by an electron beam are directed at the products in the irradiation area through a conveyor in a controlled manner, effectively eliminating viruses and bacteria. This process allows used products to be recycled or newly manufactured products to be prepared in a sterilized form, ready for use in the healthcare field.

X-ray security Applications

Publicly accessible baggage and luggage scanners, found in places like airports and shopping malls, use X-rays to peer inside enclosed volumes. This allows them to detect materials that could pose security threats. Similarly, at land border crossings, trucks and containers can be scanned to ensure security issues are prevented. Our company specializes in developing solutions in this field.

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Industrial X-ray Imaging

X-rays are used to examine materials and their components for the detection of manufacturing or assembly defects. They reveal the quality and durability of products. Within our company, R&D efforts are ongoing for the production of portable X-ray sources and imaging systems.

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