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Vacuum Solutions

We are able to offer industrial solutions with the experiences we have gained through our academic work in the field of vacuum chambers, vacuum measurement systems, vacuum motion systems, and vacuum control systems.

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Vacuum Hardware

We can provide solutions by custom manufacturing various types of flanges, connectors, and connection components for vacuum systems.

Vacuum Sealing Solutions

              mbar We provide vacuum sealing solutions up to.

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Movable Target System

        mbar we provide linear and circular motion of motor shafts or movable piston shafts from outside the system to inside the system without changing the vacuum level of the system at a vacuum level of.


Vacuum Chambers

ETAŞ designs and manufacturs vacuum chambers in the desired sizes and geometries, providing a vacuum level of         mbar. Connection parts and motion system integration can be provided for the vacuum chamber according to
your specific needs and flange requirements. Contact our company for a vacuum chamber design specific to your system.

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