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Examples of Welding with an EBW Machine

         Using the miniEDK2000 machine produced by ETAŞ, welding has been performed with electron beams at different energies and currents. Weld samples made with different metals have been subjected to various tests to assess welding depth and leak tightness. Depending on the requirements, welding can be performed at different depths in the materials.


         Welding studies have been conducted at different energies using the electron beam on parts made of stainless steel (SS-439) with a thickness of 1.35mm, as shown in the photos above. Depending on the requirement, some products have full weld depth, while others have partial depth. The welding depths have been observed through studies conducted within ETAŞ. Welding depths and leak tightness have been tested in collaboration with TÜVSÜD. The image below shows the depths of the weld samples made on these materials.


        Below is an image showing examples made for the Defense Industry. In the first image, circumferential welding has been performed on the part indicated by the red arrow on stainless steel material. The second image shows an example of butt welding.

In the lower left, a 0.1mm diameter Nichrome (Ni-Cr metal alloy) wire has been welded onto a 0.7mm diameter Inconel rod using an electron beam. During welding, the heat input to the material is indicated by the red arrow in the image at the bottom right.


       Images of welding samples made with electron beam welding machine for the Aerospace Industry are given below. In the first image, a Ti6Al4V alloy pipe of the same dimensions as a stainless steel (SS-304) pipe with a wall thickness of 2 mm and a diameter of 30 mm has been welded circumferentially. The second image shows an example of butt welding made on two plates made of Mu-metal material.


     Images of examples of welding work done on materials consisting of materials with different properties are given below. The first image shows the part consisting of stainless steels. Two identical types of materials were welded with the electron beam applied to the part shown with the red arrow. In the lower left image, stainless steel-copper welding is done. In the upper right, copper-copper welding was made. At the bottom right, an example of copper-stainless steel welding is given. The complete material is given in the bottom picture. The material, consisting of 4 separate electron beam sources, was tested up to -203C and tightness was observed.


         In the images given below, unlike the welding work done on the electron beam welding machine, the welding process is performed by moving the electron beam in addition to the target movement. By moving the focused electron beam along the axis, the stainless steel (SS-310) material was joined by perimeter welding. The material has dimensions of 83.6mm*58.2mm*60.95mm and has a wall thickness of 10mm. The welded surface length is 250mm. Aiming for a welding depth of 3 mm, work was done by moving the electron beam on the surfaces and by moving the material in the corners.

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